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Domain Name Management Services

Benefits : Respond more quickly to domain name errors

While domain name registry errors are very rare, they do happen from time to time.

And any developer of a domain name management tool that does not disclose this fact to you and how they handle these scenarios is truly lacking.

Because given the nature of everyone's dependence on the integrity and high availability of the global domain name registry, errors have the capacity to impact everyone.

But in different ways...

Even though Namestead has no control over the domain name registry, Namestead still handles the vast majority of errors seamlessly and transparently.

In most cases you will never know the domain name registry was unavailable, because Namestead is built on a proprietary, self-healing architecture.

Namestead elegantly handles domain name registry error conditions through patented error handlers.  And this code logic with its embedded rules are adaptable to the changing states and conditions of the domain name registry.

Being alert with the ability to learn is the foundation of intelligence.

Finally for those issues that can not currently be addressed programmatically, they are resolved directly by Namestead staff who are always monitoring the system for unusual occurrences.

Download Software vs. Web-Based Applications

Unlike some of the shareware / download software that you can buy to watch your domain names (i.e. WatchMyDomains), with Namestead you are not and never will be "on your own" when it comes to technical support.

Namestead staff members are working to constantly improve the service.  It is our goal to anticipate and resolve problems proactively.

The makers of download software can not promise the Namestead level of service guarantee, because their distribution model is inefficient and their sales strategy provides few incentives for ongoing support.

Download Software Web-based Application
With download software, good "service" is an occasional software patch or new release which could be ready in a few weeks to many months.  In contrast, web-based services from Namestead are fully tested and published online in a matter of a hours.

Like all applications, web-based applications require significantly less testing than download software.

This is because, when tested properly, download software has to first be regression tested for many different environments and operating systems.

And regression testing is a significant time and cost expense.

Download software is risky because you never really know what you are downloading onto your computer.

Download software is usually delivered as an executable, exe file.  It always best to exercise caution when downloading executable files.

Many organizations will not allow dot-exe files through the corporate firewall, because .exe files can contain viruses, ad-ware and other malicious payload.

For these reasons, download software should be double-checked for no viruses and validated to be ad-ware free.

Namestead is different, because it is entirely web-based.

There is nothing to download and it is technically impossible to install a virus from simply using a web-based service like Namestead.

Namestead will not crash your computer, hog your computer memory or in any way slow down or busy your computer.

Web-based services are not the future, they are now.

Download software requires upfront costs that transfer all of the risk to the buyer.

In some cases, this can even induce a pump-and-dump sales strategy.

When all of the costs are collected up front and there is no real business or income stream to protect, there are very few tangible incentives for the developers to continue supporting the product.

Conversely, the Namestead subscription-based service approach emphasizes excellence in customer service and continuous improvement.

We feel that in order to continue providing service, we must proactively respond to customer needs and constantly innovate the service offering.

The Namestead focus on service is the reason for our success at retaining a solid customer base.

When you become a Namestead member, you are buying into a high quality, ever-changing, turn-key system.

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