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Domain Name Management Services

News : Automated Link Popularity Metrics by Namestead

Namestead now automatically calculates link popularity for monitored domain names. Generating Namestead inbound linking reports has never been easier.

Namestead™ uniquely simplifies inbound link tracking with an automated link popularity monitoring solution.

Automated Link Popularity Monitoring

Tracking and building link popularity is one of the most important steps to successfully doing business online.

Link popularity refers to the total number of inbound links from web pages external to the target domain name.
  • Link popularity offers a rough idea as to how much traffic a target domain name receives.
  • Link popularity measurements apply, to not only domain names that you own, but also to domain names that you are considering for acquisition.
  • In addition a key component of online competitor intelligence involves link popularity tracking for the domain names of rival companies.

Link popularity

Generally, the higher the link popularity, the more traffic for the domain name.

Building inbound links is a worthy goal, because it generates traffic. And high traffic sites are valuable. Domain names with thousands of inbound links are thought to have significantly more traffic than, for example, a domain name with only fifty inbound links. Having more traffic than your competitors means more revenue generating opportunities for your venture.

The Namestead link popularity meter (namestead link popularity meter) charts thousands of inbound links for you.

How it Works

Namestead categorizes inbound links by search engine. All of the following search engines feed the Namestead link popularity calculation:
  • Google / America Online (AOL)
  • Microsoft MSN Search
  • AllTheWeb
  • AltaVista
  • HotBot / Inktomi
While measuring link popularity is not an exact science, the Namestead link popularity calculation starts by assigning one "vote" to each inbound link.

All of the links are then passed through the Namestead link popularity algorithm to generate a link popularity metric. The Namestead link popularity metric is an integer number from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest link popularity).

The Namestead link popularity metric is displayed on the Namestead control panel and is a part of your domain names list. The graphical representation of the metric is called the link popularity meter (namestead link popularity meter) and is displayed in the domain name detail record, also from within the Namestead control panel.

From your Namestead domain names list, you can very easily display a summary view and then compare the link popularity between all owned, wanted and competitor domain names.

If you were to track and calculate all of this on your own, you would literally spend countless hours. Multiply that time by the large number of domain name registrations in your portfolio and you will begin to understand why busy managers procrastinate on their link popularity tracking duties.

Link Popularity Made Easy

Automating domain name portfolio tracking and receiving timely analysis is the reason why you should sign up now for Namestead membership. Along with consolidating all of your domain names into a single online service, Namestead delivers behind-the-scenes agent services for link popularity analysis and reporting.

Domain name porfolio managers log in to the Namestead control panel and review summary reports of inbound links counts. In this way, Namestead members stay informed with automated link popularity tracking tools.

If you are not already a Namestead member, sign up now and automatically keep track of your owned, wanted and competitor domain names.

Namestead Staff

Published on December 5, 2003


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