Google AdSense Sandbox Tool

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Enter web page address or keywords: Note: All AdSense ads are presented in "test mode" which means that the advertiser is not charged for impressions or click-through.

Sample Adsense Ads

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How it Works

To be successful as an Adsense publisher, most experts recommend doing what they do and that is research, research and more research.  To accomplish this, Namestead now offers the Google Adsense Sandbox Tool which allows Adsense publishers to research the advertising possibilities of your web page or the web page of your competitor(s).

This incredible tools also allows you to enter keywords to display sample adverts from the Google adsense program.

Just enter a web page address (URL) or a short list of one or two keywords. Press "Display Adsense Ads" and you will be presented with up to a dozen sample ads. All ads are displayed in test mode. No impressions will be registered for the advertiser and the advertiser will not have to pay for clicks.

If the entered web page has not yet been indexed by Google, the search result may show Public Service Ads (i.e. non-performing adverts from non-profit organizations.

Adsense from Google Defined

Google AdSense is contextual advertising program that allows you to make money online from your online community, forum, blog or free service.  Essentially you reserve ad space on your website and then upload the Google Adsense codes.

Add the Adsense Sandbox to your Website!

Paste the code below to add the Google Adsense Sandbox tool to your website. It's Free!

Make money with Adsense

Some young webmasters make money from Adsense to pay for all of their hosting fees plus a bit more.  More experienced webmasters like on the Google Adsense Forum claim to make thousands of dollars a month from Adsense just for publishing articles and other content to multiple websites.

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