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Domain names for sale are often held by domain name brokers.

Domain name brokers usually offer domain names for sale at very high prices.  Sometimes priced in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Instead of negotiating with these internet capitalists who seem to hoard domain names for sale, you will probably be better off waiting.

If you wait, you may find that many unused domain names will not be renewed.  In these cases, it is best to use the domain name monitoring tools from Namestead to track the domain names of interest.

Namestead notifies you of changes to domain name registration status. 

Namestead will inform you if these domain names are available for registration and when to register the domain names with your favorite registrar.

While this approach takes patience, another alternative to acquiring valuable domain names involves tracking and registering expired domain names.

You can use the same strategy to monitor soon-to-expire domain names.  Enter the domain names into Namestead to automatically track domain name status.

For your convenience, Namestead publishes drop lists of expired domain names.  Search the drop lists for domain names of interest.  Track and then register the domain names as they become available.

This is certainly not the direct approach like when dealing with brokers of domain names for sale.  However successful registration of expired domain names is a much more profitable activity, because expired domain names are typically easier and cheaper to acquire.

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