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How It Works : Automated Link Popularity Tracking

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For a domain name to be valuable, it must have quality traffic.

Sometimes significant traffic can be generated merely because the domain name qualifies as a desirable domain name.

However in most cases, traffic to a domain name comes as a welcomed byproduct to publishing valuable website content or as the result of an inbound link building campaign, often through reciprocal links.

Generally, more inbound links means more traffic.

And the more traffic, the more valuable the domain name.

Link popularity refers to the total number of inbound links from web pages external to the target domain name.

Tracking link popularity is crucial, because the number and quality of inbound links are very good indicators of value.  And significant increases (or decreases) in link popularity provide useful insights into the success and viability of not only marketing plans, but perhaps even, the business model itself.

However tracking link popularity is no easy task.  Because link popularity is ever changing, regular reporting is required.  And human nature being what it is, sometimes the responsible party "forgets" to run their link popularity analysis and reporting.

Namestead has now simplified inbound link analysis and reporting with a unique system to automate link popularity tracking.

Link Popularity Tracking Automated

For the average researcher, tracking link popularity is an often neglected task that is rarely systemized.

But it needs to be...

The problem is that if you were to manually analyze inbound links for all of the domain names in your portfolio, you could literally spend countless hours.

However failing to regularly analyze and report link popularity is a serious oversight that hinders a managers ability to make critical business decisions.

Critical business decisions as they pertain to the need to analyze link popularity include:

  • Acquiring valuable domain names for branding and traffic building
  • Developing e-commerce sites for optimal search engine ranking
  • Establishing baseline input for domain name appraisals and valuation reports

Until recently, link popularity analysis and reporting required a tremendous amount of free time and discipline in order to remember to actually run the weekly or monthly inbound link analysis reports.

To simplify the process, Namestead has now automated link popularity tracking and reporting with a unique system that virtually eliminates manual data entry requirements.

Scheduled link popularity reports

Unlink other link popularity "tools", the Namestead offering allows link popularity analysis and reporting to be scheduled for weekly or monthly "batch" runs.

Namestead domain name managers are no longer required to constantly visit online link popularity tools which require users to repeatedly enter domain names on static web forms.

The automated link popularity meter (namestead link popularity meter) from Namestead automatically charts thousands of inbound links for each domain name in your Namestead portfolio.

Automated link popularity tracking with the link popularity meter is included with every Namestead membership.

Link popularity analysis and reporting

Namestead has successfully combined domain name portfolio services with powerful domain name analysis tools such as link popularity tracking.

Become a Namestead member today.  Automatically track the link popularity for all of your owned, wanted and competitor domain names.

Sign up now.


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