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Domain Name Management Services

How It Works : Monitoring Domain Name Expiration Dates

Domain Name Portfolio Cataloging
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Monitoring Domain Name Expiration Dates
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Centralized domain name administration ensures that valuable domain name registrations are not allowed to lapse.

In the past, spreadsheets have been a viable option, because spreadsheets offer excellent domain name sorting capabilities.  With a large list of domain names to manage, the ability to fully sort and filter search results is a very important feature.

However managing domain name expiration dates with spreadsheets very quickly becomes unwieldy, because all updates must be performed manually.  And manual updates are cumbersome and tend to introduce data entry errors.

In addition, spreadsheets are not typically shared on a local area network or through secure internet channels.  Yet shared access to data is a key component to productivity and risk management.

Internal databases have also been used for domain name cataloging.  However internal database applications are expensive to build and maintain and lack many of the customized features of a specialized application.

Managers of major domain name portfolios often grow weary of repeatedly keying domain name data into static repositories such as spreadsheets and internal databases.

Automatic updates for domain name expiration dates

Namestead allows domain name managers to eliminate the burdens associated with manually updating domain name expiry fields.  Namestead delivers value without sacrificing the advanced sorting features of spreadsheets and the flexibility of a customized application.

Namestead offers the powerful domain name sorting capabilities of a spreadsheet while at the same time maintaining an active database connection to the domain name registry.

The Namestead-to-registry database connection allows Namestead to automatically refresh the domain name expiration date fields for all domain names in your portfolio.

How it Works

Namestead uses this dynamic connection to the domain name registry to save the expiration dates for each domain name in your portfolio.  This data is then baselined for later comparison.

From that point forward, Namestead diligently monitors and tracks domain name records -- looking for relevant changes that would interest you.

Namestead improves organizational efficiency by eliminating the possibility of data entry errors and lost domain names.

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